Launching in January 2024:

A Six Month Mastermind/Group Coaching Program:

Unlocking Wisdom



The Unlocking Wisdom Master Mind serves as a container of transformation for

those who recognize the value of accumulated knowledge and lifelong learning 

yet discern that there is something beyond our high level of skill and expertise 

‚Äď something that infuses our daily living with more meaning, more purpose,¬†

with a deeper understanding of our own singular lives and of the nature of life 

beyond our individual experience.  It serves to move us from the comfort of our 

knowledge to the majesty of wisdom that resides at all levels of our being ‚Äď in¬†

our physical bodies, our fine minds, our compassionate hearts, and in our 

transcendent awareness that we are all connected to something greater than 

our individual minds.


The Master Mind consists of a 12-part journey intentionally designed for people

brimming with knowledge who courageously seek to transcend intellect and 

step into the realm of profound wisdom.  The curriculum fosters curiosity, open

hearted inquiry and unapologetic authenticity catalyzing a paradigm shift from 

perceiving life as externally imposed to embracing an inner wellspring of 

creativity, liberation, empowerment and wisdom.


In a nurturing space for fearless exploration participants are guided to 

dismantle internal barriers, unbind limiting beliefs, disentangle ingrained 

thoughts and explore an environment of boundless potential.  Participants will 

navigate a path toward inner wisdom through weekly encounters to include 

video teaching, guided exercises, introspection, lively conversation, the wisdom 

and support of your peers, an ongoing connection with the like-minded 

members of our group through a private virtual community - and more!  

As we shed constrains and disavow the notion of fixity to embrace the 

possibility of fluid potential, we are free to welcome our dynamic nature, tap 

into our innate gifts and imprint a meaningful legacy upon those whose lives 

we touch and upon the larger world.

Limited to 12 Participants



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