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Author, Speaker, Physician, Leadership Mentor

Quote from Dr. Carla's Lifetime Achievement Award
speech awarded by Phoenix Business Journal.
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"Dr. Carla Rotering is one of those rare people who I am certain was put here on this planet to make a difference. She is a healer, not just of the body, but of the heart, the soul and the mind. Her work is revolutionary."


Steve Chandler

Master Coach & Author of "Reinventing Yourself"

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Welcome into my World of Courageous Living and Leading.


If we are newly acquainted, I am Dr. Carla Rotering.  I've spent over half of my life as a physician devoted  to helping people heal physical illness from acute, life threatening moments to  chronic health challenges. 

Now, I help high performing men and women rediscover and reignite their fiery hearts, intimately through private and group coaching, as well as publicly through speaking events, workshops and retreats.


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When you lead from the heart, the whole of humanity wins.

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